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Only six members of the 1520 Terminal Club will be able to sponsor one of our historic tasting room tables. In February, we scored a handful of heavy, wood block table tops from the fabrications shops at the Sacramento Campbell’s Soup plant, each estimated to be 40+ years old.  Purchase one of these sponsorships and you can help us breathe another 40 years of life into one of the table tops.  You’ll receive the sponsorship benefits listed below and the placement of a custom, engraved plaque on “your” table. (LIMIT: 6)

  • A VIP pre-opening brew session where your group (up to 6) will craft six cases of brewery-fresh, custom-labeled craft beer, everything included!
  • A two-year membership in the Seasonals & Specialties Club.
  • A logo tee-shirt, an embroidered hat & polo shirt, a beer’tenders pack with coasters, two logo glasses, and an engraved beer wrench.
  • PLUS two passes to one of our preview parties.