Irvine’s Oak Beer Bar


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Only four members of the 1520 Terminal Club will be able to sponsor a seat at our tasting room counter. Local millwork craftsman Matt Irvine is building an awesome oak-slab beer bar for Yolo Brewing Company. This masterpiece will see a lot of use as thousands of guests study the tight grain of quarter-sawn oak while waiting for their handcrafted pints.   Matt Irvine will get some recognition on the oak counter, but we have room for 4 custom, engraved plaques as well. Put your name on one and you’ll receive all the sponsorship benefits listed below. (LIMIT: 4)

  • A VIP pre-opening brew session where your group (up to 6) will craft six cases of brewery-fresh, custom-labeled craft beer, everything included!
  • A two-year membership in the Seasonals & Specialties Club.
  • A logo tee-shirt, an embroidered hat & polo shirt, a beer’tenders pack with coasters, two logo glasses, and an engraved beer wrench.
  • PLUS two passes to one of our preview parties.