Product Description

SMaSH beers (Single Malt and Single Hop) are an excellent means of experiencing the pure undiluted character of a single variety of hops, supported by a pure and unadorned base malt.

Yolo Brewing Company will brew a new SMaSH beer monthly. Each recipe will be brewed to a standard of 60-70 IBU and all brews will receive the same quantity of flavor, aroma, and dry hops in the brewing and fermentation process.

SMaSH beer production will be based upon pre-sales, with the goal to experience each beer when it is absolutely fresh, at its peak of flavor and quality.

Don’t miss out! Pre-order SMaSH IPA #1 (Bravo hops, in bottles 2/11) and SMaSH IPA #2 (El Dorado hops, in bottles 3/4) today! Only $22 for a 4-pack.

** SMaSH beers must be picked up at our Tasting Room after the release date.