1520 Terminal Club

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be forever known as a founding sponsor at Yolo Brew’s 1520 Terminal Street brewery. And we are including valuable extras that make this a great value.

Choose from these three exclusive, high-profile opportunities to showcase your support of local craft brewing at Yolo Brewing Company. Purchase any sponsorship and you will receive rewards worth nearly $1,000: a VIP pre-opening brew session, where your group (up to 6) will craft six cases of brewery-fresh, custom-labeled craft beer, a TWO-year membership in the Seasonals & Specialties Club, a logo t-shirt, an embroidered hat and polo shirt, a beer’tenders pack with coasters, logo glasses and an engraved beer wrench, PLUS two passes to one of our preview parties.

Rewards value: Nearly $1,000
Sponsorship value: Priceless!

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