Bottles & labels

There are 2 ways to take your brew home, keep it in a keg or bottle it. Both 22oz and 12oz bottles are available here in the brewery. Of course you can also bring your own bottles, we love our planet and live by the Rinse, Save & Reuse philosophy when it comes to bottles.

22oz Bottles: $1.50 per bottle, $13.00 for a case of 12 bottles

12oz Bottles: 1 case/$17.00

We do not make labels here on site but we have partnered up with to bring you 10% off custom labels. Please make sure you place your order with plenty of time for them to arrive. No one wants a naked bottle.

How much beer can i make?

One batch (kettle) can yield as much as 12 gallons of beer, but please note that some recipes and brewing techniques will result in yields of 10 gallons. The vast majority of our recipes will provide 10 gallons of finished beer or more. Depending on style you could go home with as many as seventy two (72) 22oz bottles of fresh craft beer!

Can I bring friends?

Yes! Brewing is more fun with company. A group of 4-6 people per batch seems to be the sweet spot. Five or six cases of 22oz bottles is a lot of beer, sharing with friends is ideal!

Is it expensive?

Well, how do you define expensive??? You might think it would be expensive, but compared to the cost of craft beer at the local store, your own craft beer is actually much less expensive! Our recipes range from between $170 to $300 per batch. A full batch can yield up to seventy two (72) 22 ounce bottles. That means a bottle of your handcrafted masterpiece will cost just $4.00 or less. Most of our recipes result in bottles averaging just $3.00 each. Plus think of all the fun you and your friends will have making it! 

Do I bottle my beer?

Yes! Most people decide to go with 22oz bottles, but 12oz bottles are available with a few days advance notice. The bottling process is quite simple and takes about an hour. 1-3 people can be actively involved at a time.  Of course you are welcome to bring your own bottles, we will wash and sanitize them for you. 

If you have a kegerator at home you can skip this step and just take the keg! ($100 fully refundable deposit required)

How long will the beer stay fresh?

Beer is perishable! Craft brews do not fair well when they are stored warm. Brew. Bottle. Refrigerate. Drink. Repeat. Properly stored (cold), your beer should have a life span of 3 months. Don't commit to more than you can easily enjoy or store properly. This is one more reason to brew with friends! Split up the batch so you are always drinking the freshest beer possible.

How long does brewing take?

Brewing takes about 3 hours; you will have a 3 1/2 hour kettle & table reservation. We are often booked solid for 2 or more weeks, so PLEASE BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENT EARLY!