Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to rent the Brewery for my event?

Cost depends on how many people are expected to attend, what day of the week you plan to hold your event, and if you would like us to close the Brewery for your private party or leave it open to the general public with your space reserved within the facility. Contact us with your specific details and we will give you a quote on rental costs

Can we bring our own food or catering in?

Yes! In fact, we encourage you to bring food and catering to the facility. We can work with you or your caterer on the set up. We can also provide you with a list of our preferred food truck vendors and they can set up outside the brewery to service your event.

Are children allowed at the brewery?

Yes of course!! We also suggest you create a child friendly table with crafts or games to keep them entertained while their parents enjoy your event! We do have a small selection of board games available.

What beverages are available other than beer?

The brewery has a small selection of sodas available for purchase for $1 per can, Nash's Kombucha (0%ABV) on tap for purchase, and chilled water in a dispenser that is complementary. If you book a completely private event (that means we are closed to the public), we can provide additional options. Renters and their guests are not allowed to bring in any outside alcohol or beverages.

Can I bring in a DJ or band?

If you book a private event, YES please! Our Beer Hall is the perfect place to have a rockin' party! We also have a speaker system, several TV's that can be used for video presentations and a large blank wall perfect for a projector.

What supplies does the brewery have in house for our use?

When you rent our facility you get what you see: High tables, stools, outdoor patio seating, and a large parking lot. We also have pop up tables and folding chairs available. We encourage you to work with your caterer to bring in everything else you need for your successful event. Please come by and tour the facility and we are happy to show you what is available for you to use.