Bands in the Beerhall

Nov. 11th 6-9p: Rhythm & Blues

Bringing John Johnson, Seth Edwards and Clemon Charles together for this really special and fun night of music, friends and craft beer.

Like a diverse blend of hops, malt, water and yeast… each of these guys brings something powerful to the music they’ll brew up with us… and the end result will be truly amazing - fun, fresh and quite possibly intoxicating!

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Nov. 14th: Jessica Malone

Her powerful bluesy vocal melodies, simultaneously soothing and soul shattering, sing songs of tragically beautiful life experience. The piano, guitar, and ukelele accompany her expressive voice along with the stand up bass and down home fiddle which bring it all together to create music that takes you back in time while heartfelt and relevant lyrics keep you rooted in the present.

Nov. 21st: The Lurk & Million Dollar Giveaway

The Lurk is a 1 man band who has been playing since 2011 and does not play well with others.

MDG is honky tonk trio from Sacramento, CA. We play home grown country, blues & americana songs that you can drink, dance and stomp to.

Nov. 28th: Them Travlin Birds

They have the energy of a quasar this wiry, bearded, scruffy, hapa sound generator emits torrents of vehement punk-jazz-appalchian-asiatic-improvisational Banjo shredding, gruff outlaw vocal poetics, syncopating the pulse with his Ama’s(chinese word for grandma) suitcase and a tambourine.
A one-time California club queen, Cassand…

Dec 5th: Terrible Beauty

Terrible Beauty’s members have ages that span over three decades, we play covers of anything that rocks and we practice in a little space…awesome things are bound to happen with that combination!

Dec 12th: Bonanza King

Bonanza King has been a band just three years, coming together, with some urging, to perform for Winters, California’s annual Earthquake Festival in 2012. They discovered that they enjoyed playing the quirky blend of old country, western swing, jazz and blues that their leader Kari King sings and often writes.They didn’t want to stop.

Jan 2nd: Muddy Waders

Al Vasquez on percussion, drums, vocals
Sean Feder on lap steel, banjo, dobro, bass and vocals
Bill Dakin on bass, guitar and vocals
Don Fox on electric and acoustic guitars and vocals