Our Craft-Brewed Beers Frequently On Tap

All of our beers are made with all-grain mash, using only the finest ingredients.


We’re hearing you holler for the Haller

Hallertauer Lager is our #1 lager, and a year-round crowd pleaser!  Hopped up for flavor but never bitter, medium bodied and straw to golden in color, this bier is in a category of its own.  The name and the bodacious bowls of hops we use with each batch, are taken from Germany’s  “Hallertau” region where  nearly ⅓ of the worlds’ hops are grown.  Haller’ has flowery aroma with a herbal or spicy edge, and is eminently enjoyable.

IBU 10          ABV 5.5%


Bees make honey, Brewers make beer

Orange Blossom Blonde is our signature blonde ale.  It’s light in both body and flavor, but far from boring. “OBB” has become a gateway beer for many new to the craft-beer scene, while it holds year round popularity with even the most seasoned consumers.  Pale 2-row malt and barley flakes yield light body, cascade hops lend a citrus & piney aroma, while  varietal honey from California sets the beer apart with a delicate note of citrus.  

Frequently on the nitro tap in the beerhall this beer is a must taste!

IBU 32          ABV 5.2%


Toasted and roasted, we all love some Nutty

The Nutty Brown is a deliciously smooth malt-focused ale with pronounced toasted and roasted malt flavors, while not being overbearing or heavy.   The mash consists of Pale Ale malt, toasted malt, and a blend of brown & roasted caramel malts from the UK.   The result is a mild beer with flavors of toffee and roasted nuts.  Very lightly hopped, the Nutty Brown flavor dances at the edge of sweet, without being cloying or heavy.

IBU 25          ABV 5.4%


“A witty saying proves nothing” - Voltaire

Wit Dream is our delightfully balanced and enticing “Belgian White” inspired beer.   Both provocative and satisfying, it is a beer you’re sure to come back for again and again.   Wit Dream is delicious, unfiltered and brewed with coriander, orange peel & varietal Orange Blossom honey and is lightly hopped with classic Noble hops.  The Wit Dream is enjoyable anytime of day.

IBU 21          ABV 4.9%


“You want a beer, you get your own beer.” - Captain Ron

Captain Ron’s Double IPA is a loud and proud entry to the world of aggressively hopped strong ales.   Captain Ron’s is not a typical West or East Coast IPA, it sails in from an unknown shore with salty attitude and robust flavor.  Watch your back because Captain Ron’s is bold on alcohol and hops (duh.. it’s a DOUBLE IPA)   Massive multiple additions of Summit hops steer the prevailing flavors and aroma, while classic citrus & pine notes of Columbus and Cascade round out the lupulin storm.  Captain Ron’s is a true “hop-bomb”!

IBU 177          ABV 8.4


“Scotch, Scotch, Scotch. I love Scotch” -Ron Burgundy

Ruby red to burgundy in color, our Scotch Ale has the depth, warmth and comfort of finely burnished leather. Too many “Scottish” ales from American craft brewers rely on high alcohol and heavy, cloying and overtly sweet characteristics, our version is more refined, balanced and suited to year-round enjoyment.  Toasted, caramel, roasted and chocolate malts define the color and body of the beer, while a dash of peat-smoked malt adds a hint of complexity.  The smoky peated malt aroma & flavor may remind you of fine single malt Scotch from Islay.  Whether enjoyed as a meal of its own, or alongside stews, roasts, braised meats or slow cooked BBQ, the Scotch Ale is a fine choice.

IBU 33          ABV 6.0%


Shorty is gonna love the Nordy

“Back in the day” this was called Nordendorf Lager.  Loosely translated from German, one could say it is a North Village Lager.  Or perhaps a lager from the North Village. This beer was borne of our desire to craft a light & crisp authentic German style pilsner.  As we now know it “Nordy” is perfectly pale yellow in color, light bodied yet never bland.   Pilsner malt  combines with Hersbruker, Tettnanger and Saaz hops to yield crisp flavors and a delicate pleasing aroma.  Fermented cool at 52F and conditioned for 5-7 weeks, the beer is elegant and refreshing.

IBU 14          ABV 5.4%


“Open your eyes, Look up to the skies and see” - Queen

We’ve nothing against “Boho chic style”, and we do love the Bohemian Rhapsody, however this Bohemian is a celebration of a historic birthplace of modern beer: Pilzn, Czechoslovakia.  The Bohemian Pilsner style is famous for being crisp, pale gold in color, aggressively hopped and brightly aromatic with the herbal, spice & floral notes of Saaz hops.  Its beautiful light golden color comes from the use of Pilsner malt and Munich Malt.  A zippy bitterness and hoppy character from both German Magnum and Cz Saaz hops.  

ABV 5.5% IBU 39

IBU 39          ABV 5.5%

Dirty CogS

After a winter day of single-tracks, ruts and gullies, you’re gonna have a Dirty Cog.

Dirty Cog Porter is inspired by our two-wheeling MTB friends who tame trails no matter how wet the weather is, or how gritty the tracks are.  Mud brown in color, with rich dark-malt flavors, medium bodied and a little sweet, this delicious dark ale will calm your nerves after a hard day or riding or working.  Dirty Cog is brewed with several caramel, toasted, brown and roasted malts, with Northern Brewer and Fuggles hops added to compliment the rich flavors that dominate. The perfect porter for enjoying after a long ride.

IBU 48          ABV 6.7%


SMaSHing good looks, and let me tell you about the taste!  

Pick up our SMaSH Society IPA series, and you’ll experience pure hop single hop aroma and flavor.  Single Malt and Single Hop IPA.  Every brew uses Pale Ale Malt, is brewed to yield 7.2% ABV, and hop additions are benchmarked at 70 IBUs in the first kettle addition.  Flavor, aroma and dry hop additions are always the same quantity per barrel regardless of the hop used.  The beers are crisp and the balanced from batch to batch.  What makes each SMaSH Society IPA unique, is the single hop variety which is used changes every 5-6 weeks:  every batch gets ONE hop varietal from kettle boil through dry hopping.  Several hop additions for every batch maximize extraction of both flavor and aroma. By not blending multiple varieties (as most IPA do) you experience each hop in a way that is both educational and delicious.  SMaSH Society IPAs are the most uninhibited ways to experience the nuances of each hop variety.

IBU 70          ABV 7%


“Whole milk, ½ squeeze vanilla, extra dark”

Vanilla Cream Stout a beerhall favorite so we’re slowly cranking up production, keeping it fresh, richly flavored, smooth and delicious.  The base beer without vanilla is quite nice, as a “milk stout” brewed with caramel, chocolate, roasted and black malts, plus a considerable dose of refined milk-sugar to give the beer extra body and sublte sweetness.  The aroma and flavor are boosted with a bit of naturual Madagascar vanilla extract, perfectly balancing the roasted malt flavors.  Enjoyed in a tall glass, or served with a dollop of ice cream, the Vanilla Cream Stout is always a decadent treat.

IBU 42          ABV 5.8%


Engine 43 Pale Ale

We tilt the balance on our Pale Ale towards malt, with toasted and caramel malts and moderate use of Cascade & Columbus hops, creating an enjoyable everyday, every occasion ale.

IBU 43          ABV 6.0%


Oatmeal Stout

Rich, creamy, and smooth, served on one of our nitro taps. This black ale is brewed with a blend of roasted, toasted, and caramel malts, yielding deep color, smooth body, and robust flavors.

IBU 42          ABV 5.8%


Tower Bridge 3x IPA

IBU 100          ABV 10.6%


India Pale Ale

IBU 84          ABV 6.2%


Assemblyman Red IPA

IBU 82          ABV 6.2%


9Run6 Red Session Ale

IBU 48          ABV 4.2%

Seasonal Beers


Petite Saison

Coming back Spring 2016

*Bronze winner at the California State Fair

IBU 20          ABV 7.0%



Unfiltered and super refreshing, this American style hefeweizen is mild, smooth, and always enjoyable.

IBU 14          ABV 5.2%


If the Juarez Cartel made a beer

The Cousins, is a spiced porter inspired by oth pop-culture and Mexican cooking.  Recall the Salamanca brother of Breaking Bad?  This would be their beer, we are sure.  Starting with a full bodied brown porter, we cook up a decadent brew with starthistle honey, cacao, cinnamon and no less than 4 chilis (Pasilla, Serrano, Chipotle and Habanero).  At this point The Cousins is getting a little heated so we smooth it out with Madagascar Vanilla just before kegging.  The flavors fold into each other nicely, each layer yielding to the next and ultimately preparing you for another sip of delicious strong ale.

IBU - 44          ABV 7.6%


DeWit Wild Rice Ale

IBU                  ABV 6.4%


Munich Dunkel

IBU 30          ABV 6.1%

*Gluten free beers may contain sorghum extract.