Lager beers represent classic beer styles from both American and German descent, as well as unique 'hybrid' styles. The group includes the Munich beer styles Helles, Dunkel and Schwarz, as well as malty Oktoberfest recipes and the crisp Kolsch. 


Red & Brown

Red and Brown Ales offer a range of flavors that suit the tastes of many beer drinkers. Brewed with specially toasted and 'caramel' malts that provide unique brown, copper, and red colors as well as toasted or sweet malt flavors to the beer. The range of hop flavor and bitterness is from smooth to bitter to very aromatic.

Pale Ale

The style was originally popularized by Sierra Nevada in Chico, Ca. "Pale Ales" now range from mild to bold, light bodied to malty, and strong, smooth & freshly aromatic to intensely bitter. Hop character tends to define each brew, while malt flavor and body can add an important layer and contribute balance.


Wheat beers, most of them unfiltered, containing a healthy dose of yeast in the finished beer. The yeast you choose will greatly define the aroma and flavor of your beer. Ranging from 7%-11% ABV, these recipes typically have very low hopping rates in order to showcase the malt flavor of the beer.

Big Beers. Bold Flavors. these beers are strong, complex and often require specialty yeasts, specific brewing techniques, or extra aging in order to achieve the desired flavor and aroma. More expensive than most recipes, our Exotics & Imperials give great value by enabling you to craft special beers for equally special occasions.

Bock/Exotic & Imperial

porter & stout

Ranging from very dark brown to midnight-black, these richly flavored ales are brewed with caramel, toasted, roasted and black malts.  Hoppiness is typically low to medium.  Though dark in color, porters and stouts can be remarkably light bodied and refreshing.  Their real strength as a group comes in full bodied and richly flavored beers.